Pro-Active Prevention Education


In memory of the two girls in Glendale, AZ

To understand what was on the minds of 2 young girls.
Death so early in life should not be one’s goal.

A commitment so permanent
is extremely rare.
To deny so many your presence
doesn’t seem fair.

You promise your friend
until death do us part.
The promise today
is tomorrow’s change of heart.

Some people can be cruel
when your lover looks like you.
Many remain hidden;
not certain what to do.

Too many times in life
people want to judge.
They speak about
fairness and justice,
but with you
they won’t budge.

Now, that you’re gone
while you’re still in your teens;
two friends together
who shared the same dream.
You’ll rise up to heaven,
where you’ll never be harmed.
As friends or lovers,
you’re wrapped in God’s arms.

by Ittae Rob

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