Pro-Active Prevention Education

Every day I wake up angry and I’ll tell you why;

I’ve always seen angry behavior, and no one seems too shy!

At home my parents would scream and beat us, they didn’t seem to care.

When angry parents abuse their children, why would you think it’s fair?

Every day I wake up angry because it’s always in my face;

it’s in the media, the games and the music, hell it’s all over the place.

I see anger in sports, anger in politics and anger in our streets;

we spread the anger all the time because everyone loves to tweet.

When’s the last time you said you were sorry, and took responsibility for yourself;

anger originates only in you, you can’t blame someone else.

Since every day I wake up angry I can tell you about the shame;

I’ve abuse my children and others who loved me; I’ve cause a lot of pain.

My behavior is never discussed because I always seem to hide;

we have to change and open discussions, maybe there’s a guide?

All over the world there are people like me who wake up angry every day;

when anger destroys all that we know, will someone find a way?

Anger can be a powerful force, but here is a clue;

everyone will be very happy if you stop the anger in you!

Ittae Rob

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