Goal: To be aware of emotional obstacles every day. To have an emotional plan that puts in focus thoughts that can occur or the impact identified persons have had in the past.

Benefit: Reduces the possibility of negative behaviors that impact your family and co-workers. Minimize prolonged feelings that can cause emotional letdowns undesired consequences.

Pro-Active Prevention Path”

Assess:  The day as soon as possible (preferably before starting the day) all activities all the way to bedtime. Who makes you feel good? Who makes you have bad emotions? Awareness of this possible pattern already prepares you for success.

Anticipate:  Who are the primary contacts daily? What are your honest emotional feelings for each person? If you don’t like a person, envy a person, had poor past treatment, resentment or unfulfilled desires you need to identify your feelings.

Outcomes:  Always desire happiness and safety for everyone. Don’t allow feelings to overcome your preparations for your day.  If negative emotions alter your daily plan the outcome can change your life.

Problems:  Who are the obstacles to your successful day, what can be done to change your success path? Home and work are primary environments for emotional impact.

Reaction:  After identifying the problem (s) helps to set a positive reaction path. If the person and problem are set prior to contact your reaction is within your control.  Anticipate the most extreme outcome you can access to the problem or person. If you are prepared for the worst, anything less is viewed as a successful outcome.

Consequences:  know that uncontrolled emotional behavior very often leads to undesired consequences.  Always try to minimize negative outcomes that can impact important people and things in your life. 


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