Crusade Against Anger

Because of the people we come into contact with through our work with R&R Domestic Services, Inc. and day-to-day observations of others throughout the world who do not have the ability to handle emotions and engage in behaviors that can be harmful to all of those who dare cross their path, we started the “Crusade Against Anger”®. We were motivated by our desire to bring awareness to bad behaviors associated with anger and create change in the world around us through public awareness and education. This involves creating and displaying positive messages in as many public places as possible and educating everyone we come into contact with through educational seminars, public events, and social media about how bad behavior associated with anger has negatively affected our families and communities.  We want to teach people how to identify and handle their emotions before allowing them to get out of hand.  We are confident that significant exposure to positive images and messages and conversation in and around our homes, communities, and schools can create a communication stir that will enable us to replace the consistent negative messages that are currently drowning our society with more positive dialogue.

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