R&R Domestic Services, Inc., a non-profit, charitable service organization established in 1996 in Detroit, Michigan.  The agency was started with thepurpose of educating Domestic Violence perpetrators about how their behavior negatively impacts their significant others and their children. Our 1st goal was to teach them how to better handle their emotions and leave them with the understanding that the only person they could truly control was him/herself. Our second goal was to educate families on how to better relate to each other without the need for violence.

Throughout the past 24 years, R&R has partnered with courts, law enforcement, other government agencies, community agencies, schools, and churches throughout Michigan and South Florida educating perpetrators, victims, and their children on the effects of Domestic Violence on families and the surrounding community.

The mission of R&R Domestic Services, Inc. is to foster peaceful relationships in families and communities by increasing self-awareness, challenging abuse and control, teaching alternative behaviors, and promoting personal and social responsibility.