Pro-Active Prevention Education


R&R Domestic Services, Inc. a non-profit, charitable service organization that is dedicated to violence prevention.  Our focus is  the preservation of families by working to reduce violence within our homes and communities.  This is accomplished through educational seminars, public awareness events, and individual and group counseling sessions.

R&R has delivered services to courts and community programs in the Domestic Violence and Anger Management areas for over twelve years.  We provide seminars on anger management, violence prevention, positive communication, and relationship enhancement.

Our Mission
Our mission is to prevent and/or reduce violence within our homes and communities by bringing awareness to families and communities regarding disruptive, domestic behavior and violence associated with anger. To enable persons to take complete charge of their own life and to empower them to use newly found strength to improve their life, the lives of their families and the overall community.

R&R is dedicated to serving people in all walks of life in any accessible environment.  We strive to create programs to help a person or family become stronger and more successful.