If you could avoid or lessen certain health conditions by just choosing to control your anger, would it be worth it? Just as positive thinking can have a positive effect on your health, anger and negativity can have just the opposite effect.  

When you are angry your body is often very tense, your thinking is not focused, there is a higher level of hormones (endorphins) present.  These feelings make the heart race and anytime your heart races fast, you have the potential for danger. There is also a tremendous let down.  The conclusion of an angry moment can leave you feeling bad and exhausted. Your body doesn’t feel at its best and you don’t feel at your best mentally. 

If you are a person who can let things go without dwelling on something negative, it can give you peace and you feel more balanced.  Some of the health conditions related to anger include high blood pressure, migraines, stomach pains, and other stress related illnesses.

On the other hand, illness can lead to anger.  The onset of an illness or disability can cause a person to become angry.  Chronic or persistent pain, losing one’s mobility, independence, friends, not being able to socialize as we once did or do those things, we took for granted are all things that can contribute to a person becoming angry.  When our feelings of self-worth suffer or we experience emotional stress and isolation, our ability to heal is compromised.

These are all ways that anger can have an impact on our health and healing.  When you can find ways of calming yourself, whether it’s through meditation, learning ways to better communicate your feelings, seeking professional help, finding activities you enjoy,

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