Why are we so angry? What’s behind our anger?  Anger is our default emotion. It’s the emotion we go to first and most often, but anger is always our secondary response.  There is most likely another emotion that precedes anger. What we really feel is the primary emotion of disappointment, hurt, embarrassment, rejection, jealously, and the list goes on and on. We so quickly replace those other emotions with anger, that we often don’t recognize that the other emotions ever existed. If we learned to recognize and understand our true feelings, we could express ourselves more effectively.

Our actions associated with the anger can lead to the destruction of relationships, the loss of jobs, or even the loss of our freedom under certain circumstances.  The consequences can be devastating and alter the course of our lives in ways that can be difficult to recover from.

Yes, we all get angry, but it’s what you do when you get angry that can become problematic. When people lack the ability to handle their emotions, they engage in behaviors that can be harmful to all those who dare cross their path.  When did we become such an angry society and how can we change it?