R&R Domestic Services has provided court ordered services for over 24 years and currently has collaborations with the Seventeenth District Court in Broward County, Florida, Broward Sheriff’s Department Child Protective Services Division, Childnet (Child Welfare Agency), and Women In Distress. Services provided are Batterers’ Intervention, Anger Management, Parenting Education, Supervised Visits and Monitored Exchanges.

*Due to Covid 19, all classes are being done virtually. Please contact us for class times and costs.


R&R operates under the premise that domestic violence is a criminal activity. It is a learned behavior not a disease or sickness and is therefore changeable. Violence, other than for self-defense, is not justified by the victim’s behavior and should not be condoned. Batterers’ are expected to be held accountable for all acts of abusive and intimidating behavior, as they are solely responsible for their actions.

R&R complies with the state standards set-forth in 65H-2, Florida Administrative Code. We offer a 26 week Batterers’ Intervention Program (including intake and orientation). The program focuses on promoting victim safety, the elimination of violence within the home, assisting the batterer in developing personal responsibility and accountability for his behavior,understanding the fundamentals of anger and emotions, learning effective coping strategies and recognizing the cyclic behavior.


We focus on anger management strategies and teaching clients how to work through crisis situations.  Suggestions are given on how to deal with things that may lead to violence in and outside of the home. We discuss the effects of violence on family members and the surrounding community and coping with a violent situation once it has occurred.


R&R Domestic Services, Inc. uses the Nurturing Parenting Program Curriculum. An evidence based program recognized by the National Registry of Evidenced-based Programs and Practices, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and Child Welfare League of America.

The program targets parents of children ages 0–18 years and emphasizes the significance of the family as a basic unit of society and its impact on the well-being of individuals and society.

The program’s purpose is to help parents understand child social and emotional development; understand children’s behavior; learn age and developmentally appropriate discipline strategies; learn to communicate effectively with children; help parents learn how to encourage their children; and discuss the impact of family violence.

Parents are taught that every member of a family whether adult or child is an individual and they should remind themselves that differences are an important part of a full, happy, and diverse family.


Supervised visitation allows parents in high conflict or high risk situations access to their children. We offer Professional Supervised Visitations and Monitored Exchange Services that offer families opportunities for ongoing relationships in a safe, neutral, supportive, and structured environment. Visits or monitored exchanges can take place at our location or off site.

We do offer evening and weekends appointments and arrangements are possible to accommodate special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, sporting events, etc.