Any funds donated or monies received through the purchase of our T-Shirts will be used to create a healthier society. R&R will continue its collaborations with schools, community organizations, police departments, etc. to educate people about anger.  We have done this free of charge for years but feel that with the help of donations, we will have the means to tap into experts who can help us in reaching a broader audience via social media, creating and distributing positive messages via t-shirts, mugs bracelets and other items used as gentle reminders of not allowing your anger to get out of control, and get help in putting together a larger coalition to help spread our message.

Why should businesses and corporations donate to Crusade against anger?  

Business are made up of people and people are who project anger. Anytime a business supports the Crusade Against Anger®, they are supporting an effort for their employees to be better people, therefore creating a better work environment.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), of the 5,147 fatal workplace injuries that occurred in the United States in 2017, 458 were cases of intentional injury by another person. Statistics from the Safe Workplace Institute states that in 1993 workplace violence cost $4.2 Billion and that 111,000 incidents were reported. Just where do we think that number is today?

Are employees bringing their anger to work or is the workplace a source of their anger?  Anything that can be done in the workplace to effectively address anger is a step-in right direction. Creating a more serene work environment produces greater productivity and lessens the chance of workplace violence.

Donating to the Crusade Against Anger affords us the opportunity to reach as many people as we can. This could mean outreach to the people you employ as well as your future employees.

We suggest that businesses establish a “Crusade Against Anger” day.