9 Ways to Avoid or Reduce Anger

  1. Evaluate the situations in which you have become angry. 
  2. Try to identify your first emotion?  Was it a disappointment, hurt, unfulfilled expectations, loneliness, illness, etc.  You need to know what is going on internally before you can really identify how and why you are projecting externally.
  3. Honestly assess what role you played in each situation.
  4. Put yourself in a daily planning mode to recognize what is going on inside of you.  If you prepare to handle yourself, it is much easier to handle others.
  5. Have a mental list of positive things to think about daily.  
  6. Assess value to the things on your list so that the importance of those things outweighs becoming angry and reacting.
  7. Learn ways of calming yourself.  Whether you need to remove yourself from the situation or take time to think before responding.  Learn what works best for you.
  8. Learn how to be a more assertive communicator.  You can communicate your feelings without exhibiting any aggressive behavior.  But always keep in mind that everyone isn’t always willing to listen. You will never be able to control that.  A person will listen only if he or she chooses to.
  9. Change your thinking.

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Crusade Against Anger

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