Any number of things can put a frown on our face throughout the day.  If we prepare ourselves every day for those things that can occur, then we are one step ahead.  We prepare for our day by determining what we will wear on a given day based what the weather is – is it hot, cold, rainy, etc.  We stop to put gas in the car based on how far we must travel. Why don’t we take the time to prepare ourselves mentally daily for what we might face once our eyes are opened in the morning?  We you have a mental drill that you can take yourself through daily until it eventually becomes a habit.


How much control we give that one incident or moment can determine the outcome of our day or take our lives in direction that we were not prepared for.  When something causes us to become upset, we can further our frustration when we think that something was done to us deliberately. Are we really that special?  Is the person we feel is responsible even aware? When we put the focus back on our own feelings and explore why we are in fact feeling a certain way, we can learn a lot about ourselves.  Don’t ask why someone did something to upset you. This is something that you will most likely never find an answer for, but instead focus on what is going on with me that allowed me to get upset.


When we dwell on an incident, we can create all sorts of things in our mind.  Even the smallest incident can be blown out of proportion if we allow our emotions to become excessive.  We can find ourselves focusing on who did what to us, why they did it, and what you should do to get back at him/her.  This can all be a result of things created within our own mind. The one thing that we have the most control over – our own thoughts – can be the most dangerous to us if we don’t maintain full control.


If we allow our angry emotions to control our thinking, we could be very well be setting ourselves up for failure.  Our thinking influences our emotions and how we react to something or someone. If it is necessary


Once we have learned to contain our anger and change our negative anger-provoking thoughts, we can then take an assertive position in dealing with problems.  If you deal with a situation based on angry negative emotions and thoughts, the outcome is never going to be positive.


Don’t take actions in an angry situation.  Actions taken during an irrational state can be out of character for most of us but can cause a great deal of harm and destruction to those around us.  It can harm or end relationships with loved ones and negatively impact people we don’t even know. 


Actions taken while angry can lead to life altering consequences

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