The financial consequences of anger can range from a loss of job, a roof over your head, court costs, and ultimately time spent in jail or prison.  When we want to get back at a person based on a thought that we have when angry, we are not thinking appropriately. We seldom look at the potential result which is going to always cost us more financially or at least emotionally.  

Sometimes when we experience anger, we may exhibit behavior that is out of character for us.  Today we are bombarded with images, songs, and news articles describing bad and even deadly behavior exhibited when someone is angry.  Artists sing about busting windows out of cars and scratching names into pickup trucks. What they fail to mention is that these are crimes in every state.  If you are compelled to do irrational things when you are angry, it is almost certain that you will eventually be impacted financially.  

There are times that you may do things that are financially irresponsible to get back at someone who you feel has hurt you.  You may think that you are only having a financial impact on the one you think has wronged you but if that person shares a household with you or you have children in common, you and your family also suffer from bad financial decisions made by you when you were angry.  Those decisions can range from causing someone the loss of a job, running up a credit card out of spite or spending the mortgage money to go for a vacation. It will all come back to impact you one way or another in the long run and will eventually cause more damage.

Learn to think ahead to the possible consequences of your actions and just who might be negatively impacted.  Take your mind to all the negative things that can result because of that momentary high that you may feel during and just after your actions. Then realistically think through whether it’s worth it.

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Crusade Against Anger

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