Today it seems that anger is everywhere and has quickly become a major player in our society.  Anger is a real human emotion and is as natural as sadness, compassion, grief, etc. But how we choose to display that anger can lead to destruction within our homes, communities, and society.  

People around us, young and old, make decisions based on anger.  Once those decisions are made and negative actions occur, there is no way to predict or reverse the consequences of those actions.  We shake our heads or find ourselves quietly grieving when we see the larger angry outbursts that can rock a community enough to make the evening news, yet we seem to be more accepting of the smaller scale angry outbursts and destructive behaviors that may lead up to something bigger.  

What could be driving all these destructive displays of anger? Are we that stressed? Do we not have any self-control or the ability to rationally think things through anymore?  Do we not care about the consequences of our actions?

How do we respond to all the negative energy around us and collectively create a more peaceful society?  We can start by looking in the mirror and making a pact with the person staring back at us to learn to better control our actions associated with anger and getting help to do so if needed.  We can start to think in a more positive manner and display better more positive behaviors. We can talk to those around us about recognizing and handling behaviors associated with anger. We can all agree to join the CRUSADE AGAINST ANGER and pass it along.  Let’s all work together to make this world a better more positive place.

Take the Pledge

I pledge to

• Not let my anger control my behavior

• Not let my behavior hurt another human beings

• Not let an angry person make me display bad behavior

• Understand that everyone thinks differently

• Not allow past experiences to dictate my future actions in a negative manner

• Be a compassionate person, because I can’t be angry at the same time

• Encourage someone else to control his/her anger

• Help the world become a better place

Published by

Crusade Against Anger

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to bad behaviors associated with anger.