How many times have you sat alone and thought; you knew just what was going on with someone you cared about? Probably, most of the time our thoughts are not good ones. She/he must be doing something behind my back.

How do you feel when you create the thought, feed the thought and don’t say anything?

 Well, is it better to say something or not? Everything depends on why you are suspicious. Is it based on history or is it just your nature? Thoughts and feelings can be dangerously detrimental to our relationship. 

Many times, we feel a certain way that is energized by our thoughts. We don’t have any evidence or enough information to back up our thoughts. So, what should we do when our thoughts are running amok? 

First, gather your thoughts and determine if you are confident in your thinking. Are you chasing emotional pain due to your thoughts and are you ready to experience the reality of your thoughts?

Now, the moment has come to address your feelings. Take your time and ask the person to carefully listen to you. Try to explain your thoughts that cause the feelings you want to discuss. Be prepared to express what you need emotionally and what needs to change. Allow the other person to respond without interruption.

This is a baseline conversation that can quiet your thoughts or perhaps not. What is next?

Determine how the next few minutes, day or even the relationship continues. This conversation can also impact everyone in the family and those close to you.

Everything we think and feel belongs exclusively to the individual thinker. What we do with those feelings and thoughts can be felt by others. Very seldom is the target the only one who feels the emotional pain of those thought bullets. Ask yourself should you pull the trigger?

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Crusade Against Anger

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