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Sports are probably the most talked about activity you can imagine. Consider how many television and radio stations are dedicated to sports and the number of sporting events taking place around the world. Sports are powerful and impactful, yet it pales next to the whispers of love. Sports can be all encompassing for both males and females. There are many participants in community programs, schools and professionally. The number of spectators is countless, which creates a tremendous amount of money for both schools and professional organizations.

Organizations bring together virtually anyone who can help bring about the success desired for that team, which is often referred to as a family. The word family is very important because it represents a unified body of togetherness. Something the family expects is your best effort 100% of the time and not to do anything to damage the family and the goal of success.

Our traditional family households can and should have the structure required for everyone to achieve a positive outcome, but without guidance and coaching, similar to sports teams, we can have a tendency to not do the things that lead to a positive goal. I’ve listen to sports executives, coaches and players speak about how much time is spent in film rooms and practicing for countless hours every day to be able to perform or execute the proper play to achieve the best result. Do you think that as powerful as sports are, and the fore thought that goes into the game plan; is it more important that love?

Do you wonder why I pose this question; do you think it can be compared? Please understand we are all controlled or at least reactive to our emotions. Examine your love relationship; is it important enough for you to discuss your future goals? Teams and families should both be focused on success. Even though both entities measure success differently, the pathways can have numerous parallels.

How much time is spent with family members discussing and planning individual roles in the household? Who will cover for another family member when an expected plan (play) breaks down? Each member of the family (team) has importance. I know you didn’t draft them, but you either chose that person or you parent the person, so they’re on the team. When you talk about love and value to each family member you can create a high level of success. For families success is probably best displayed by the supportive nature and accomplishments of the entire family. Anytime one of the members stumble or start to choose the wrong path, the family (team) should be meeting to discuss how to improve the behavior of that member and like sports organizations, perhaps getting supportive programs involved. Do not wait until your family (team) has lost the desire to support the member. Keep your family strong!

I believe that love as common as it is and as strong as it is; is probably put on the back burner until it jumps to the front of the line, while being displayed in hurt or anger. As observers of sports, we’ve seen athletes excel in physical and mental preparation, but fail in love. Now, failure in love is very common, but if we put the same effort into love and family as what’s given to sports, would we win more? The purpose of this is simply to invoke your thoughts about putting more preparation and effort into love and family. After every game ends, we probably still want to be loved. So make a game plan to succeed.

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