Whose Bullet Is It? (Poem)

smoking gun

A young black man is dead.
Community responds.
What will be said?
Another family hurt.
It has become a norm.
Just who was the shooter will determine the storm.

They say it was a brother this time with the gun.
My community will say nothing; just wait for the next one.
Wait-wait the internet provides a new fact;
the shooter was police, let’s prepare to attack.
What’s the community reaction when a young man dies?
It depends on the shooter and that’s no lie.

When we exchange bullets on a daily basis;
no one says anything, can’t holler racist.
When the bullets come from the uniformed direction;
We suddenly assemble and cause useless destruction.
Why do we do it? We say it’s for change.
We must refocus and not be a gang.

Let’s put positive energy into permanent change.
Stop burning and looting it brings no gains.

Violence and destruction is useless and old.
Emotional intelligence should be the new goal.
I can close with this question, be sure to take note?
Can we rewrite the laws?
Now get out and vote.

by Ittae Rob

Published by

Crusade Against Anger

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness to bad behaviors associated with anger.